Your Key To Success In The Next 12 Months

What does success look like for you over the next 12 months? For starters, whenever your AGE matches your DAY of BIRTH, you can look forward to a year full of promise. From birthday to birthday is a promising twelve-month period in your life! That is to say, if you are currently aged 20 and a 2 Born (born on the 2, 20 of any month) you can look forward to a favorable twelve-months.

Moreover, in 2021, if your AGE DIGIT reduces to 5; you naturally tend to be more careless, distracted, impractical and wastefully reckless with your money and your time.

This is especially valid if your Age Digit is 5 and you are also in a 2021 Personal Year 3 or Personal Year 5. Be heedful of this from April 2021 onward.

  • If you are currently age 20 and on your birthday in 2021 you are age 21, your Age Digit is 5. (20 + 21 = 41 = 4 + 1 = 5)

  • If you are currently age 56 and on your birthday you are age 57, your Age Digit is 5. (56 + 57 = 113 = 1 + 1 + 3 = 5)

Given that 13, 14, 16 are Karmic Debt vibrations, for those born on the 13, 14, 16 of any month, success is always contingent on your mindset and behavior. For this apparent reason, when your Age matches your Day of Birth, it could represent a twelve-month period of dreadful doom.

2021 is a Universal Year 5, peaks and valleys. The catchwords for the year is CHANGE and FREEDOM.

5 has an immense impact and profound influence that shapes the future.

Be prepared for change that provides more freedom in some unique way.

Generally, 5 causes changes that are unanticipated. Events happen suddenly and are typically far beyond the established norm. For this possible reason, if you are a 5 Born (Born on 5, 14, 23, of any month.) By March 2022, you can reasonably expect something about your life to be radically new or different. It's never all; however, there are definite opportunities for many of you. Advanced warning, at at the outset, the instantaneous changes are uncomfortable.

As is always the case, if you are 5 Born, every calendar year, May and June are favorable months.

For everyone, remarkable success in 2021 is also caused by purposeful changes that happen whenever many fives huddle together and tinged by the Universal Year 5.

Equally important is that Number 1 is an initiator, a pathfinder and so, 5 together with 1 oftentimes produce sudden and/or unexpected career success or personal changes. For instance, Personal Year 5 and Pinnacle 1. Personal Year 1 and Pinnacle 5.


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