Personal Years: Walking Away | Letting Go

Each of the four Numerology Pinnacles are nine-year cycles. Each year, on January 1st, you start a new Personal Year Cycle which eventually changes the personal theme in your life. Typically in the seventh year of the nine-year cycle, the Personal Year 7, the cycle naturally begins to wind down. By the ninth year of the cycle, the Personal Year 9, you you had enough of something or someone.

Number 9 is long-suffering.

Because number 9 is long-suffering, in the Personal Year 9, CHANGE is just a thought! Customarily, it is not until your Personal Year 1 that you carry out the necessary changes to modestly or significantly improve your life.

Typically, it is August or September of your Personal Year 1, before you finally convince yourself to initiate the wanted change.

As often as not, if you leap prematurely; if you make a change before October of your Personal Year 9, the general situation can become troublesome. So much so that you are no longer content with the change. As a possible consequence of leaping prematurely, in your Personal Year 1, you start afresh in an altogether different direction.

Not all change is of your own free will.

Frequently, unfortunate circumstances reluctantly force a change. Take, for example, an unexpected job layoff in your Personal Year 1 which forces you to walk away. In a similar fashion, there might be more dire circumstances in your Personal Year 1 that reluctantly force you to abruptly let go.