Month Planner: April 2021

Slow Down – You are moving way too fast! Everything will eventually come together nicely if you just slow down. Everyone, not only you, are sick and tired of being boxed in. Nevertheless, this year, the world won’t move forward until May 2021 and so, most situations are at a stop or slow-moving. About the critical week of April 5, 2021, the energy starts radically shifting; however, it’s likely not until May 10, 2021, that things gain momentum – FAST.

April is a Calendar Month 4 and Universal Month 9 which means new circumstances will not gel together just yet. Relationships, businesses and careers, hanging on by a thread, break!

April Universal Month 9 is typically a cycle of finishing off and weeding to prepare for a new start in May, Universal Month 10. Something having to do with government actions, politicians, judicial activities, health matters, living quarters, military, National Guard, jobs is among the practical matters that perhaps finish off in April. Sorry to say, in April the eviction crisis could end disastrously. This will require many people to unexpectedly move in May and June.

April, Universal Month 9 could also suggest another clampdown in certain states or countries. The week of March 29 is likely when further consequences of the virus could hit. There might also be a couple careers that suddenly end in April. Many newly diagnosed illnesses and sudden deaths are highly conceivable in April too. Appears as if something happens between April 19 - April 25 that is cataclysmic. This could be economic health, legal, world heath, something to do with vaccines or weather-related. Whatever happens collectively and individually, April is a prophetic sign of something developing. For this reason, pay attention to an economic or social situation in the world. There is also something in your personal life that is culminating. Keep in mind, whatever closes down, there is another area of life in which something will immediately get going.

9 takes away, and then gives, but doesn’t always hand back in the same area where there’s a loss or completion. Your Personal Year defines the yearly matters where you can expect radical changes to occur; thus,where there is a new start in May. May reveals the themes in which NEW circumstances start to open. That is to say, if you are in a Personal Year 6, matters that have to do with your home environment, home necessities, kids, money, health, elderly parents/relatives, neighbors/neighborhood are where you will right away have to make adjustments in May. Despite everything, your Personal Year 6 ensures you have what you need so that you can undertake what you dearly need. It’s a burdensome year, but typically greatly compensating.

Everyone must believe in the divinely inspired mechanics of life! When you move ahead prematurely, you leave things undone. The Universal Years, Months, and Personal Years and Months are there to carefully steer you through each year. Having said that, it's okay to take your time in April! If you genuinely want satisfactory results in May, bide your time!

Whatever this is collectively, the seeds have already been sown, but they won’t start to sprout until May.

Yes, 2021 is indeed a year of CHANGE! Remember, profound changes are progressively developing; but, they won’t become evident until the final quarter of this year and the beginning of 2022. The same is true for those of you in a Personal Year 5, an extraordinary situation is budding, but you won’t undergo the critical changes until November 2021 – February 2022. It should also be said that as often as not, 5 Borns (people born on the 5, 14, 23 of any month), May and June are typically auspicious months for you, especially this year. Broadly speaking, by the same token, for 5 Borns, August to November can be transformative.

Number 5 is the ‘sales’ enthusiast. In the last week of April, as we start to move forward, prepare to be bombarded with online advertisements. This will be the case for at least another five months so, be tolerant.

A more progressive way of thinking and defiant nature will begin to take hold in April. This causes fundamental problems in the next few months. The numbers humbly suggest there is something progressively developing in 2021. Something, that will miraculously transform our lives collectively and intentionally alters our personal lives for many years into the unknowable future! In your lifetime, you will unequivocally experience the various qualities of each of the numbers in your Blueprint. Knowing the terrain gives you more ability to survive and prep for what is to come.


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