Undergoing A Sea Change

From 2016 until 2026, the intense and mystical number 9 sets the cardinal rules. Which is why unlike 2011 and 2012 the energies of 2020 and 2021 are way more intense; to such an unusual degree that many events are unprecedented. Many events will have broad and often catastrophic consequences globally.

2020 taught lessons of truths, self-discipline, power of endurance, cutting costs.

2020 was intended to assist you in recognizing what you value and why. The raw energy of 2020 should have encouraged you to conscientiously understand what you want your future to look like. To understand who and what needs letting go?

Number 4 whether a Universal Year (2020), Personal Year, Pinnacle, or Transit shines a light on where you are unreasonable, misguided and lacking a stable foundation.

Fix in your mind that every year, January and February are critical periods. January and February require a formal assessment of the preceding Universal and Personal Years. Moreover, in 2021, a self-assessment should be undertaken with the deliberate intention of instituting change in your life wherever is necessary.

In view of the fact that 4 is still on the horizon, January and February require retrospection and further auditing.

From October 2020 to September 2021, your mind and your words have great power! What you speak out loud and speak to yourself, matters. Think before you speak and ask earnestly for the needed changes you clearly want to happen.

2021, Universal Year 5 is a swift flow of rapidly shifting energy that by force of extraordinary circumstances, reshapes! Because of this, collectively and individually, it is time to keenly change and progressively improve one or more areas of life. Doing so will inevitably produce a profound effect on the foreseeable future.

For countless people in a 2021 Personal Year 1, 2021 Personal Year 11/2, 2021 Personal Year 5, and 2021 Personal Year 6; the most consequential life-altering changes can occur between November 2020 and April 2021.

Unexpected Turn Of Events

Don't be afraid of change! By standards of the Universal Year 5, change is unavoidable. For this reason, in 2021, people everywhere can expect slight or momentous CHANGE to occur instantly. More importantly, you have the seat of authority therefore, change doesn't have to be turbulent or discomforting.