Tips & Secrets For Advancing Your Career

In the general run of things, when you observe a person, "suddenly" rise professionally, typically there's a Life Cycle 8, Pinnacle 8, or Transit 8, 17, or 26 activated.

There are four Pinnacles; each Pinnacle is a nine-year cycle. Don't know your Pinnacles? Numerology Pinnacles Calculator

Some people have more than one Pinnacle 8 that occurs one after another. Others have more than one Pinnacle 8 that alternatingly occurs more than once.

8 Cycles have a way of exposing you to other like-minded individuals who share your professional goals. 8 attracts the interest of big corporations, responsible people, and people that control or administer an organization. 8 attracts people with the executive power and influence to open doors for you. Hence, job opportunities!

The potential problem with 8 Cycles is the person is showy! The person is not completely humble about their accomplishments either. As often as not, the person in an 8 Cycle dearly wants the world to know how well they are doing.

Consequently, in 8 Cycles, people accumulate considerable debt just as fast as they move up in social status and earnings.

In 2019, Craig Melvin began his Third Pinnacle 8; a Pinnacle that lasts through to 2027, nine-years. In August 2018, his Personal Year 9 and Personal Month 8, Craig Melvin became a news anchor on NBC's Today. In October 2018, he became a co-host of Today Third Hour before being made a permanent co-host in January 2019. Also, Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Live Anchor and NBC News Correspondent.

As you would expect, Number 8 is not the only Pinnacle that elevates you professionally. Every number fortunately possesses a unique strength that can add fuel to your career.

For instance, Master 11 attracts collaborative partnerships and loyal followers that typically rally behind your potential success. Master 11 is not as financially rewarding as some of the other numbers; but despite that, in a Pinnacle 11, your followers/fanbase increase and partnership opportunities more readily come your way. For those that are self-confident, a brief time in the spotlight is possible.

A Master 11 Tip! If passionately pursuing a lover - just like that, in a strange or coincidental manner love miraculously appears.

Unsurprisingly, some numbers hold you down or require a great deal of concerted effort to get your career progressing favorably.

Advancing your career is absolutely that straightforward, however, the numbers aren't magic! To advance your career, you need a plan! Plus, be willing to take risks, work hard at your distinguished career and have many irons in the fire.

The Final Tip! Knowing your Pinnacles in advance of the nine-year cycle will help you recognize when to press eagerly on the gas or when possible situations in your life will naturally cause you to hit the brakes.