Stephanopoulos & Muir Square Off

Sign of the times!

Number 5 rules journalist and the anchor, the communications industry in general. In direct consequence, in 2021 Universal Year 5, behind the scenes of television and cable networks, there’s a lot going on. Apparently, there was a ruckus at ABC over the official "titles" of David Muir and George Stephanopoulos. A disturbance that required personal intervention from Disney executive chairman Bob Iger. At key issue is the title, "chief anchor," and a key network news responsibility leading special coverage of breaking news stories and special events. Allegedly Stephanopoulos threatened to go to a rival network and so, Bob Iger graciously offered him a valuable contract extension, to defuse the situation.

Born November 8, 1973, David Muir is a journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight and co-anchor of the ABC News magazine 20/20. Muir joined ABC seventeen years ago in In August 2003. George Stephanopoulos was born February 10, 1961. In September 2002, Stephanopoulos became host of This Week, and ABC News officially named him "Chief Washington Correspondent" in December 2005. He is a political analyst for ABC News, and served as a correspondent on This Week, ABC's Sunday morning public affairs program; World News Tonight, the evening news broadcast; Good Morning America, the morning news program; along with other various special broadcasts. Stephanopolus is in a Harvest Year 17/8 overlaying a Final Pinnacle 19/1, so he’s very competitive, uncompromising and also vocal about his likes and dislikes. 2021 is his Personal Year 8, a business/money year which typically produces karma but also something auspicious by February of the following year. February 2021 was Stephanopolus Personal Month 1; in coordinating conjunction 1 and 8 are forceful and typically obtain what they earnestly desire. Accordingly, it makes numeric sense that Stephanopolus came out of this dispute with an exclusive deal.

Regardless of whether it is a Pinnacle and Life Cycle or Transit and Personal Year, or Personal Year and Pinnacle, 1 and 8 together manifest enormous powers of achievement. With each other, they are an extremely focused and powerful consolidation of raw energy.

If not a karmic year, there’s typically a substantial boost up in February and November of the Personal Year 8. The same is often true in July of a Personal Year 1.

Muir is in a Productive Year 8 overlaying a Third Pinnacle 11/2 so he too is competitive and also well-liked by most viewers (11). 2021 is Muir’s Personal Year 6; family, kids, housing, love/marriage and health year.

The fierce battle is being fought but there is no grand victory just yet. As it is for all of humanity before 2026, there are profound transformations for both Muir and Stephanopoulos. That said, at many broadcast networks, there is an extensive reorganization, restructuring undoubtedly occurring behind the visible scenes. By April 2022, there are far-reaching, clear changes to the communication industry.

Furthermore, number 5 also rules the transportation industry, web-based communication (social media), sales and marketing, sports, psychologists (mental health), campgrounds, teachers, travel, stock market, clothing stores. Before April 2022, there could be heated public dissension and significant changes in one or more of these specific areas too.


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