Sports: "Divine Feminine Rising"

Maia Chaka, a health and physical education teacher in the Virginia Beach area, has become the NFL’s first black woman official. She will make history when she takes the field during the 2021 football season. Purportedly Chaka is age 32 which means, Letter H in her family name is shortly activated for eight years. Currently the three year Letter C is activated. Most often, these two remarkable letters are of professional assistance.

In 2015, her Partnership Year (Personal Year 11/2) and Third Pinnacle 8, the NFL hired Sarah Thomas, as its first full-time woman official. In February 2021, her Personal Year 8, Thomas made history again as the first woman to officiate in a Super Bowl. Born September 3, 1973, Sarah Thomas is a Life Number 5 and 3 Born.

From 2016 – 2025, the marginalized populations are provided an excellent opportunity to gain power across economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions.

It’s not a time to sit on the fence! If you are a woman, particularly a woman of color, this is the ideal window of opportunity to sincerely commit to your success. There are numerology power numbers and letters that can be remarkable helping hands.

Furthermore, as of 2000, Number 2, the feminine principle is prominent for one thousand years. What’s more, the 2020s from 2020 to 2029 have double twos. Double twos puts considerable emphasis on the specific need for diplomacy, being tolerant of others and pairs of opposites working together in harmony. Moreover, during the 2020s, with the support of the double twos, across the globe, more and mor women will assume leadership. We’ll also witness more women empowering women to excellence.

From 2020 up until 2030, far-reaching transformations will occur abundantly across all economic sectors of life! Tap Into the Power of the Divine Feminine!


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