When To Find The Best Job For You

2020 was a Universal Year 4. Number 4 represents blue-collar workers, manual labor, wage earners, working-class people. It is not coincidental that blue-collar jobs are on the rise. Though often blue-collar workers are confused with unskilled laborers, they are in fact some of the most skilled manual workers.

As often as not, it is after the Universal Year has ended that the available career fields indicative of the previous Universal Year number become apparent.

As a general rule, in March of every calendar year, governments and businesses complete their budgeting process. At which point, jobs indicative of the previous Universal Year number typically become available. Having said that, it makes numeric sense that there were 110,000 additional construction jobs in March 2021, manufacturing added 53,000 and transportation and warehousing jobs rose by almost 50,000.

Broadly speaking, for everyone else, from January 2021 to August 2021, the pickings will likely be sparse.

A few principal occupations that are representative of number 4 in which employment opportunities are possible in 2021.

  • Contractors

  • Home Builders

  • Public Utilities

  • Military, Mason

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Manufacturing

  • Auto Mechanics

  • EMTs

  • Firefighters

  • Tree Cutters

  • Warehouse Workers

  • Laboratory Technicians

  • Exterminators

  • Heating & Cooling Experts

In the second quarter of 2021 (April - June) many more manual labor jobs will likely become available. Manual labor jobs are positions and careers where you perform physically demanding work. Many positions require training, certifications, licenses, apprenticeships, and sometimes a college degree.

Manual labor jobs can be rewarding lifework for the PHYSICAL NUMBER 4 and dual PHYSICAL/Mental NUMBER 5; these are people that like using their hands and are more physically active.

During this Directive Cycle 9, manual labor jobs are more robust as many desperate residents and business owners contend with one extraordinary and budding crisis after another. As well, inevitable disasters and severe or harsh weather create work.

Once again, 2020 marked a turning point! Humanity is reluctantly forced to radically shift from old familiar and crumbling structures to new global societal, business and economic structures. This Directive Cycle 9 will continue relentlessly to uproot and subtly transform – allowing humanity a new slate to draw on. It can be years before local employment opportunities are plentiful! By design, many jobs won't come back!

When it comes to your career, for the next five years it's essential to be open-minded and flexible.

Unemployed individuals must have the courage to let go of the old ways of making a living and be willing to learn and consider lines of work that they have never heard of, or have little extensive knowledge or experience in. For at least another ten years, the job market is ever-changing! Before you job search, take a little time to reevaluate your standard of living, talents and career path – be honest with yourself. Where will your talents fit and what will offer you future stability. Often during difficult economic times, Personal Year 1, Personal Year 11/2, Personal Year 5, Personal Year 7 and Personal Year 9, your job is in jeopardy.

NOBODY is safe. Stay abreast during these changing times! Be open to collaborative partnerships! Remember, this is a new age of "gathering in." Complementary pairs of opposites should be willing to work together.

A whole new world is emerging and every sector of life will be transformed.

The remarkable changes over the next several years will powerfully affect everyone differently! Fortunately, as your life takes a drastic shift, numerology is one of many valuable tools to help you reground yourself and find a niche that carries you comfortably into the foreseeable future.


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