Finally, A Lil' Lovn'

Love is in the air! Around July, you will notice the 'love' bug biting. It has been a funky seven years, but finally, a whole bunch of you will meet someone special soon! On account of Number 9, you won't be happy in every aspect; but give the relationship some time and be willing to put in the concerted effort needed to make it work!

Later this year, we will hear of new love relationships, marriage proposals, marriages, and pregnancies. Be that as it may, for about five months, from May to September people's sexual appetite and erotic desires take over, however, in the blink of an eye, by October 2021, people are ready to hunker down, earnestly seeking love.

In the next eighteen months, love is finally happening for many of you! As luck would have it the dating pool is essentially better than it has been in several decades. This year for many of you, your dating life can radically improve by relocating, meeting others socially and travel. Also, this year, be open to meeting a person from a foreign country or someone living in a different state than you! In 2022, the chances of making a love connection in your country or state are more likely. In 2022, you could make a love connection at a restaurant, activities at your child's school, music festivals, boat shows, home and decor expos, or weddings.

There are more fish in the sea! The coronavirus pandemic produced many widows, widowers, and divorces.

This doesn't suggest passionate relationships are easier; they aren't! There is, nevertheless, a lot of intensity and uncomfortable feelings in all interpersonal relationships. This is because for ten years Number 9 is in the driver's seat so you have to give much of yourself if you earnestly desire the relationship to survive.

Broadly speaking, May 2021 to September 2022 is an extremely potent period for love and possible pregnancies. If you are in a 2021 or 2022 Personal Year 11/2, or Personal Year 6 you have an excellent chance of attracting love. The projected period from May 2021 to September 2022 is equally wonderful for those of you in a Pinnacle 11/2 or Pinnacle 6, and 6 Born (born on the 6, 15 24 of any month.)

Letter Transit B, T, K, S, U also have an increased chance to get caught in the snare of someone with a rod and reel fishing for sincere love.

TRANSIT LETTER S is oftentimes suggestive of a sudden relationship coming your way; a relationship that thoughtlessly results in an unplanned pregnancy. If you are unready for children, wisely take extra precautions during the transit of Letter S.

What’s in a name? If you have a Letter S in your birth name it could be that Letter S is transiting for one full year in 2021 or 2022. This could suggest incredibly, passionate and unexpected happenings in a love affair.

Remember that in 2021 the unexpected is likely to happen.

This active year produces sudden happenings that clear the way for marked improvements in everyone's life. Off and on, life may seem confusing or uncertain, but the world is forcibly moving in a more promising direction. Old conditions are being bumped off to open the way for more unique economic and cultural opportunities that in the fullness of time, benefit all of humanity. And luckily for many of you, the gradual clearing out opens the door to a budding romance!