February 2021 Numerology: Tug Of War

February 2021, Universal Month 7.

Specific energies always get indignant when they fade away and others pompous when they seize power. And when the concentrated energies are opposite extremes, watch out! For this reason, in February, a tug of war continues between number 4 (wait) and number 5 (get on with it). Relax your grip! In this face-off, number 5 will come away as the clear winner.

There is great spiritual awakening in February. Experiences will vary from person to person.

In 2020 slow and steady won the race, in 2021 being fast, free, and easy wins.

Events in 2021 are intended to force us out of our comfort zone and suddenly push us forward. Don't be surprised if in February something shocking happens that takes our breath away. Something in February could conceivably cause unspeakable sadness and/or shock globally. As February begins, look for at least one surprising event in the first week of the month. February 15 - February 21 is most likely the more emotionally challenging week.

The energy of 5 is universal so, changes cause major shifts not only in the United States, but all around the globe. Indeed, 2021 will bring forth a tremendous shift; changes that are likely forced upon us due to impulsiveness, apparent lack of morals or unreasonableness. Ultimately, 2021 is not about standing still or doing what’s customary! Almost certainly, just when you naively think everything is going according to plan, 5 will throw a spanner in the works. In spite of everything, it’s not a year to be afraid to try new things. In the final quarter of 2021 there are opportunities galore.

In March, there is another big surge of the 2020 energy that will create hindrances and further delays before finally petering out in May.

It behooves you to sit alone with yourself in February because most things move expeditiously in March. Stillness helps you receive answers intuitively! In February let go and allow your mind and body needed rest. Quite soon, there is at least one serious change you have to instantly make. And true to the boundless energy of 2021, when change happens, it is unexpected and fast which means you can't plan for it. Most importantly, changes in 2021 are longstanding, not temporary so make intelligent choices!

Be mindful of the fact that January and February close out the 2020 Universal Year 4. As in January, in February, the possible deaths of people born in 1944 and earlier and sick people will cause deep anxiety. Prepare your heart!

Happily, in February 2021, the loose ends from 2020 are finally tied up!

February is another challenging time in public health history. In February vaccines are likely an urgent matter. Yet again, alleged voter fraud in the U.S. election can be an overriding concern. Mental health, depression, fatal illnesses, investigations, scandals, the supreme court, lawsuits, incarcertations and secreted information are all possible in a Universal Month 7. Also, more information on the massive cyberattack on U.S. federal government agencies and private sector systems across the country will likely surface.

To cut a long story short, February is a month to give serious and careful thought to your foreseeable future. Do your candle magic; spiritual practices, say your prayers because March - September are ever-changing, erratic and surprising.

In the scheme of things, February is an extremely important month this year! Expect February to be an intensely emotional month but also a healing month.

From March onward, things happen quickly, therefore, it is crucial to have an effective strategy to get what you want. It's coming time to break with the norms, the ordinary routines, to expand your mind and be more adaptable.

More importantly, in 2021, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you plan to leave a mark in this world, there is the amazing potential this year. Many people will make money very quickly this year, but they lose it just as quickly. For the people that are ambitious and committed, there is a generous gift from the gods. Remember these are unprecedented years! Don't underestimate the powerful, raw energy from March 2021 to September 2021. Be unique, individualistic, bold and open to earning money in an unusual way.

As barriers are forcibly removed, life starts shifting!

In May 2021 life should progressively improve for the better and by December 2021, economic optimism restored. Don't forget it naturally takes a full cycle before the world turns the page; although the situations that came into being over the past years move into the shadows, they aren't concluded. Don't lose hope! Once again around 2023-2025 we begin escavating the 2016 Russian interference, police misconduct, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Jeffrey Epstein, COVID-19, economic crisis, the 2020 election, etc.

Having said that, globally the energy is crazy in March, April, June, July, and September. People tend to be rambunctious. These are months for everyone to be judicious, careful about what you do and say. People will not give an inch when it comes to their convictions. More importantly, this year, mere 'words' can recklessly cause an epic shitstorm!

Stay In Front Of The Energy!

2026 is the dawning of an all-inclusive society and a new generation of innovative leaders.

Change is impossible to avoid!

By 2026 EVERYONE'S families, marriages, personal relationships, and/or business world is somehow altered. The more you dig in your heels, the more you resist change, the more you try keeping your feet firmly placed on the ground; the more difficult, challenging and upsetting the next five years will be. The 2020 pandemic encouraged everyone to think of innovative and untried ways of making money. You have to break free from the “ordinary” and age-old ways of earning a living, transacting business, and being in this world. Humanity is rapidly approaching a time when we must have more enlightened views in regards to what we value and why.


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