Big — Bold — Change

Hooray, it is March, the 2020 Universal Year 4 finally releases its mighty grip! Even so, it is not until May that we officially move forward, and people truly feel "freer." Nevertheless, we can now take life a little less seriously and thereby focus on innovative ways of doing things to realistically accomplish our ambitious goals.

February was stagnant when it came to financial matters so, economic recovery was at a standstill. Because of the karmic nature of number 8, in March, economic matters are hanging on by a thin thread. All month, anxiety and agitation about the future is increased. Loosen up, things will shift! We are inching our way, but it's still not until the end of April or May that we feel the full scale of the 5 energy – less inhibited.

In May, many business opportunities will miraculously appear out of thin air; thankfully, most people will have incredible courage and considerable confidence.

March, a calendar month 3, isn't a stress-free month. Calendar month 3 in a Universal Month 5 is messy! What's more, March is a Universal Month 8, karmic and so in March, we can reasonably expect chaos, hotheadedness, reckless behaviors and professional downfalls. Number 8 fluctuates between two polar extremes. Because of that, March is likely full of ups and downs! There is a chance for unexpected arrests, legal affairs, uprisings, scandals, accidents, and natural disasters. In March, there's a lot of emphasis on creating jobs. Furthermore, in March and April, many more people will suffer from ill-health. Those with preexisting illnesses/diseases could have a setback. The health issues are nothing like the 2020 pandemic, however, once again, doctors and nurses are busy treating sick people.

There is a potential for events beyond ordinary from March 1 to March 7, March 15 to March 21, and March 29 to April 4. Given that number 8 fluctuates between two polar extremes, March 8 to March 15 might bring an unexpected boost to the global markets.

Number 5 is considered the most powerful numbers in matters of buying and selling (wheeling and dealing) and one of the most powerful numbers for gains.

Many surprising success stories and even millionaires are instantly made in the next twelve months. Example in point, Meet Keith Gill, the man who drove the GameStop Reddit mania and made millions Be that as it may, no matter how things seem, the economy IS NOT stable, the job market IS NOT stable and people aren't mentally stable. Until October 2021, most people's jobs aren't secure. In the blink of an eye, a company can suddenly go under or a specific department liquidated.

In the grand scheme of things, April through June is vitally important months!

2020 upset the apple cart; before May 2021, many more businesses collapse. Governments and private organizations have to trim down and restructure. As a consequence, be open to different and perhaps new ways of living or making a living in this new world economy.

Don't lose sight of the fact that the Universal Year 5 has to do with mass media. As we move into a new chapter of broadcasting, newsrooms, social media platforms and radio start looking different. Beginning in March 2021 and before March 2022, there are considerable restructurings in various forms of media of which journalism and advertising are part. Many talented people are unexpectedly let go, retire or die. Even some television hosts and prominent commentators with long-standing careers could get axed, retire or die, and presidents and chief executives voluntarily leave.

Within a month, radio hosts Larry King and Rush Limbaugh died.

Unlike in 2020, there is less planning and more off the cuff approaches and changes. More and more people feel freer or anxious thus, behaving and speaking freely without worrying about what other people think. As we roll sluggishly into March, people's fuses are short! This will result in a war of words on many social media platforms. Warning, this year if you are active on social media, you have to be insensitive to criticism or insults.

It is apparent in March 2021 that worldwide there's much going on with the economy, big and small businesses, the mismanagement or misuse of money. During the month of March and April there could be news stories about the death of a famous person. Stories about, CEO's, politicians, charities, manufacturing, media executives, correspondents/journalists, real estate, judges, mental health and caretakers at mental hospitals/institutions.

In March, careful budgeting is a thing of the past. Therein lies the problem for years to come.

Slowly but surely, by May, people are more active. In May, it is more challenging to forcibly prevent people from interacting in large groups at bars, nightclubs and sporting events. Also from March to May expect protests and uprisings everywhere in the world. At some point by the end of April or beginning of May, issues related to elderly care, nursing homes, restaurants, education, religion, home building, universal healthcare, or hospitals. A community project could suddenly make its way into the media spotlight. In April, we could also hear of a surprising divorce, an unexpected death, or experience a sudden brief downturn in the economy.

Brace yourself for 2021! Nothing is ever stable for a long time. Number 5 produces volatility in the markets, economy, communications, travel. That said, June is not a suitable month for air travel.

Number 5 is an activist, sensationalist and oftentimes an extremist. Number 5 is not afraid to go up against old establishments and outdated modes of behavior. It challenges tradition, often publicly, violently or vocally. For seven months, people kick up a fuss, but don't put much effort into anything. Beginning in March, people are less apt to confide with the social distance and mask-wearing. In most cases, 5 is ungeared toward book learning or anything performed as part of a routine. And so, until winter 2022, many college students will take a break to enjoy first-hand life experiences. 5 rules youths and youthful energy. For seven months, businesses target a younger audience and consumers. Despite the pandemic, the two peak weeks of the spring break, the youth are likely wild.

Remember 5 represents movement; hence by March 2022, many people will have moved to different neighborhoods, cities and states. Although many moves are out of necessity, most moves from April to August are impulsive.

People, businesses, and places with a Major 5 in their Blueprint unexpectedly grab the media spotlight.

Numerology is not astrology! To get the just of each year, numerology looks at different timelines than astrology. Secondly, to get the true essence of 2021, you'd have to look back to 1940. The Great Depression finally began easing in 1940. True to 5, Americans were earning more, therefore, able to buy more goods that fueled the economy. For all that, September 2021, Universal Month 14, similar to September 1940 will likely have ominous overtones. 2022 is a Master Year, suggesting something on an enormous scale, global.

The Mars rover landing mission began it's search for traces of life after the successful landing in February 2021.

Like 2021, the year 2003 reduces to a single digit 5.

  • Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.

  • An estimated 6-11 million people around the world take to the streets to protest against the war with Iraq

  • The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission

Every number uniquely represents boundless energy that has the considerable potential to powerfully affect each person in various possible ways. Be forewarned, because of the Directive Cycle, necessary changes occurring in 2021 are altogether different than in 2012 or 2003.

Some other timelines you can check out: 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012.

In all probability for many 5 Borns (born on the 5, 14 23 of any month) 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, and 2012 brought about significant and unforgettable personal and/or professional changes in your life. In 2021, May and June are important months for 5 Borns. For many of you, June through to September could feel as if you are surrounded by darkness.

Your 2021 Personal Year is the same as it was in 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012. Your Personal Year is a guideline for what to expect each year.

The dark tunnels before the light. For those of you with a number 5 in your Blueprint, extensive changes are about to unfold in your life - again! Specifically 5 Borns and those of you born in May. Keep in mine, when specific numbers bump up against each other, there WILL BE change.

In the next twelve months, you are invited to positively transform key areas of your life. In all reasonable likelihood, situations happen surprisingly, you won't know when or how so, it behooves you to go with the flow of possible things. Think positive, reconsider the situation and think of every changing circumstance as a fresh start. With the right attitude, the situation can work out much better than you ever expected!

The Energy Is Real!

Before 2026, everyone's life will have changed! It just so happens that in 2021, a boorish force is aggressively pushing you to welcome change and quickly find your feet. Put differently, you have to become accustomed to a new way of life. It is not apparent yet, but social and cultural norms will change for the better!

If you can quickly adjust to new conditions, you can and you will overcome any challenges that come your way. If you are in a Life Cycle 5 or Pinnacle 5, you are already in a period of profound change so, this years shift will probably be smoother and less jolting. For you, change is a way of life; as follows, the changes in the next twelve months are easier for you than it is for others.

Those of you in 'Shaping Years' pay attention to what shows up in April 2021; more than likely this is a sign of the times ahead. Whatever this is, it will assist you in patterning practical future steps.

For most people, CHANGE is disorienting! Nevertheless, for everyone, in 2021 you won't know what to reasonably expect, so you can't prepare. From March 2021 to April 2022, everybody's life changes hugely or slightly.

This Year You Are Learning To Embrace Change!


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