About Us

UNZIP THE WEEK is the 2018 pet project of Seriita Montiel. A numerology enthusiast, educator, and longtime adviser, Seriita delights in writing and keeping people well-informed. Building on what she independently developed in 2018; Seriita's ambitious goal is to collaboratively work together with a diverse group of astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, and others. Seriita currently provides thoughtfully chosen articles for the welcome public and weekly metaphysical expositions for our loyal community of subscribers. At some point in the foreseeable future, a diverse group of the finest professional content creators will create the most masterly weekly metaphysical expositions. Grow With Us! Collectively, without bias or prejudice, Seriita along with other content creators will reliably provide subscribers a keener perception and unique metaphysical insight of events happening across the globe. unZIP the goings-on in the world with us!


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